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  • What is a physiotherapist?

    Physiotherapists are highly qualified, university-trained health professionals who work in partnership with their patients to effectively treat physical injuries and ailments.

  • Do you accept compulsory third party claims?

    Yes. We make Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance claims simple for our clients. After our initial assessment, we submit a treatment plan to your insurer. Once approved, we handle your payments with your third party insurer.

  • What happens during an appointment?

    ​Your first appointment is where we conduct a comprehensive assessment and develop a clear understanding of your health. We also assess your injury and movement capabilities. Your physio will need to look at your injury, so wear comfortable clothing and bring any relevant medical assessments to your first appointment. Once we have all the necessary information, your physio will tailor a specific treatment plan to get you started on

  • How do I prepare for an appointment?

    During your initial consultation, your therapist will ask for details about the pain you’re experiencing; how it started and what makes it worse? We recommend making a list of these details in advance.

  • How long do treatments take?

    Initial and subsequent consultations are 30 minutes in duration, but may take a little longer, or a little shorter.. We often recommend patients have 4-5 sessions within the first 2-3 weeks. This higher frequency of treatment allows us to better gauge treatment response and accumulate momentum for long-term relief.

  • Can I claim with my health fund?

    Yes. Private health insurance rebates can be claimed directly through the HICAPS terminal available in our clinic. Another option is through your insurer’s online system.

  • Will WorkCover pay for my remedial massage sessions?

    Unfortunately, WorkCover only funds Physiotherapy. If you have suffered an injury at work and require guidance, please contact us to discuss your possible treatment plan.

  • Do you accept Medicare plans?

    Yes, we accept Medicare Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Plans, though these will require a valid GP Management Plan or Team Care Arrangement from your Doctor. Our standard rates are payable at the time of your appointment. Your eligible debit card processes your rebate.

  • Do you accept WorkCover cases?

    Yes. We accept WorkCover or Worker’s Compensation claims. We require that you provide a valid, up-to-date copy of your WorkCover medical certificate. The medical certificate must clearly state that you need physiotherapy as a treatment. Our standard rates are payable at the time of your appointment. You can claim your rebate through WorkCover by submitting your invoice through the WorkCover app.

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