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Telehealth Physiotherap

Precision Physiotherapy now provides telehealth appointments through Coviu, a secure video appointment system that can be used easily on a browser from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Coviu is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.  The Association has recognised Coviu’s high levels of security and ease of use.


Why choose Telehealth?

  1. Safety and convenience!

Enjoy appointments from the comfort of your home. With social distancing in place for COVID-19, telehealth appointments allow you to have your injury assessed, diagnosed and rehabilitated without leaving your house.

2. It works!

A recent study has shown that telehealth is as effective as in-person appointments for pain and physical function. The review also found that combining telehealth with in-clinic appointments improves your physiotherapy care overall when compared to in-person appointments only. (source: Cotrell et al. 2017, Real time telerehabilitation for the treatment of musculoskeletal is effective and comparable to standard practice: a systematic review and meta-analysis).

3. It is reasonably priced!


If, after our first online consultation, we decide that your case is not suitable for telehealth, we will refer you on to the appropriate health professional and your appointment will be completely free. Follow up appointments are frequent, shorter and reasonably priced, and will include the option of contacting your therapist by text if you have any questions about your exercises or condition.

What does my telehealth appointment entail?

After you have booked an online appointment, your physiotherapist will be in contact with you via email.  This will provide a link to click on when your appointment time arrives. You will then be connected immediately to your Physio.

Our initial appointments are very thorough and may take up to 1 hour. We will take your medical and injury history, and ask questions about your pain and function. Then we’ll complete some testing to diagnose your injury. After that we’ll give you advice on how to manage your condition, and come up with a comprehensive rehabilitation program to get you back to your regular activities and reduce your pain. Subsequent appointments will be shorter and serve as a way for us to check in on how your rehabilitation is going, and to continue to tailor your rehab to suit you perfectly. You’ll also have the option of emailing your therapist with any questions you have at any time about your exercise or management of your injury. These will be answered within business hours.

How should I prepare for my telehealth appointment?

Set up your device on a table so that we can easily see your whole body throughout the appointment. If you’re using a smart phone, we may also ask you to move the phone camera closer to the injured body part. Make sure you have plenty of room to move around and are dressed comfortably. If you have mobility issues or have a history of falls, make sure someone is nearby to help you with your appointment.

Need Further Information?

Email: Phoebe@precisionphysiotherapy.net.au